Welcome To My Millinery Reality.

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Suzseams founder Susan Morehead grew up in a traditional home where domestic skills and femininity were celebrated, and she began sewing at the age of 4. Her appreciation for textiles, craft and costume history led Susan on a long exploration of creative endeavors. Sewing her own clothing, creating jewelry and seizing every opportunity from friends to learn other media, Susan has spent a lifetime developing the craft and attention to detail reflected in her hats today.

As she pursued a fine arts degree in fashion design, Susan’s love of hats and the guidance of talented instructors came together when she discovered millinery as the perfect medium for her own creative expression. And millinery’s 19
th century history of entrepreneurship for women repeated itself when Suzseams became a millinery label in 2010. Additionally, the skills of friends and family--particularly Susan’s husband, a professional photographer and now hat block maker—have made it possible for Susan to create Suzseams. Without their love and support, Suzseams would not have been developed.

Drawing inspiration from milliners like Caroline Reboux, the illustrations of Erte, and the designs of Paul Poiret, Susan’s own aesthetic reflects a playful mix of historical references and the use of traditional materials like fur felt, cellophane straw, and unique and evocative vintage embellishments. Her hats reflect a timeless glamour rather than any particular historical period or style, and her design philosophy emphasizes the personal connections between people and what they wear rather than disposable fads or trends.

After years of hearing women say "I don't look good in hats" for innumerable reasons, Susan has found that too few women realize they can wear hats, or most of all, know how the perfect hat can change the way they see themselves. Susan’s training in social work and her education in psychology and sociology have provided her with a unique perspective on the importance of cultural norms and the impact of self image on our lives.

While the ubiquity of cheap, poorly made hats has led many women to mistakenly conclude that they can’t wear hats, the decline of millinery culture has also resulted in a lack of consumer awareness regarding the symbolism and care of hats. To meet this need, Susan views education—and the belief that everyone looks great in the right hat--as a foundation of Suzseams, and her ultimate mission is to help more people discover this essential pleasure and beauty themselves.